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Tohoku region Aomori City 302,000 Akita Prefecture 6 Cities 50,000+ Akita City 325,800 Yamagata Prefecture Tsuruoka 137,800 Sakata 112,700 2 Others 50,000+ Yamagata City 254,000 Aomori Prefecture Hachinohe 238,300 Hirosaki 183,000 3 Cities 50,000+ Morioka City 298,000 Iwate Prefecture Ohshu 126,400 Ichinoseki 120,500 Hanamaki 102,400 1 City 50,000+ Miyagi Prefecture Ishinomaki 161,000 Ohsaki 136,500 6 Cities 50,000+ Sendai 1,033,500 In these cities alone, there are approximately 4.4 million people. If we include the entire population of the five Tohoku areas in question, the figure rises to 7.3 million people. To our knowledge, there are only three independent Baptist churches in this area. Jesus said, “The harvest truly is plenteous, but the labourers are few. ” He also told us what we should do. “…Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he will send forth labourers into his harvest” (Matthew 9:37-38). Will you help us pray? 1. Pray for 10 new missionaries. 2. Pray for new national church planters. 3. Pray for support for missionaries on deputation. 4. Pray for short-term missionaries. 5. Pray for souls to be saved. Note: This Japanese pronunciation aid may be helpful as you read the cities above. Vowel sounds only have one sound: a – the “a” in father (always the short “a” sound) i – the “i” in macaroni (such as Suzuki) u – the “u” in zulu (such as Suzuki) e – the “e” in echo (now try the word Kobe) o – the “o” in solo (now try A-o-mo-ri) Other: r – the sound of the d's in Eddie (try A-o-mo-ri again) * David Harris and family serve in Kobe, Japan. David also serves as the on-field Far East assistant director.