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by Coy Shaw In his farewell speech to the nation, General Douglas MacArthur quoted the above words from a once popular barracks ballad. But, what about old missionaries; do they just fade away? Today there are many pastors and churches debating about what to do with their old missionaries. Should they be replaced with younger missionaries? Should their support be dis- continued? How about putting them on reduced support? The many years of experience of an older missionary can be a source of invaluable wisdom and knowledge. Although changes in health may require changes in ministry, retire- ment from serving God is not the course most independent Baptist missionaries take. One missionary couple who has devoted their lives to winning the lost and edifying the saints is Ken and June Love. Since 1957 they have been involved in church planting in the United States and overseas. They have labored for the Lord in Texas, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Tennessee, Virginia, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Alabama, Georgia and Florida. In November of 2005, they went to Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands, to help the Calvary Baptist Church become indigenous. Although Brother Love is approaching his 76 th birthday, he and his wife are still actively serving the Lord. They are burdened to plant new churches and help struggling churches. Their desire is to help reseed America. As you read the follow- ing quote, you can sense his passion: “We want to help pastors start churches, preach revivals and mission confer- ences, do short interim work and help churches find a pastor. We have been contacted recently by two churches that need pastors, and their attendance is falling. We need more churches in America—not less. All nations are coming to Amer- ica—America is a great mission field! We need more USA missionaries. “We have recently traveled some 7,000 miles in 8 weeks. We worked with small, new, needful places, plus some good, solid works. Some works had 5, 10, 12, 15, 17, 22 in their services. Brethren, this is where my burden lies. I want to help such places. “Many places need help in their discipleship programs, mis- sions programs and soul-winning programs. Some are reluctant to ask us to come because of their num- bers or financial resources, but for nearly 57 years neither numbers nor money has kept us from going where the Holy Spirit opened a door. In the past 8 weeks, we did try to lay a burden on those that could support us to do so, hope- fully some will. The expense of travel, plus the materials and equipment for the work of the ministry, is high.” In October of 2009, Brother Love had open heart Ken and June Love