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By Marc Patton It was a cold, early winter day in November 1995 when two visitors walked into our church. We had just begun the Esztergom Baptist Church a few months earlier. The church was meeting in the classroom of a public high school. We had just a handful of people attending and were excited to see visitors. Katalin Zeman was a lady in her late 40s. Her son Attila was about 25 years old. Katalin had grown up in a Baptist home in eastern Hungary. During her teen years, she rebelled against the Lord and her family and moved in with a relative in Esztergom. She married an unsaved man and had one child, Attila. Some time after her marriage, she turned back to the Lord. There was no Baptist church in Esztergom, so she attended the Reformed church as often as possible. Katalin tried to raise her son to trust the Lord, but it was a difficult battle. Her husband was an atheist and wanted no part of God or religion. The world was also full of attractions that pulled her son away from all thoughts of God and church. In his late teens and early twenties Attila lived the life common to most young people in Hungary: a life lived for the pleasures of this world with little room for God or religion. One day they received a flier announcing that a Baptist church was meeting in the local public school building. Katalin was thrilled. She had prayed for years that someone would start a Baptist church in Esztergom. She talked her son into going with her that Sunday in 1995. The first service was strange for Katalin. The style and atmosphere were quite different from what she had grown up with, but the Word of Attila Zeman and family