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God was preached clearly and plainly, and she was thankful for that. Attila was attracted by the warm, friendly atmosphere and also the opportunity to practice his English with Americans. Attila and his parents lived in the same apartment complex we were living in during that time and he began to come and visit us to practice his English. It took a number of months but one day Attila opened his heart and committed his life to the Lord. It was a challenge for him to turn his back on his worldly lifestyle but his commitment was strong and Attila became a strong witness for the Lord. Attila was one of our first converts to be baptized. Attila also reached two of his best friends. His friend Bulcsu was saved in 1998 and is now a deacon in our church. His friend Gabor was saved a short time later and is a faithful member of our church. Over the years Attila has grown and matured in the Lord. About 10 years ago I taught him and several of our men how to preach. Attila became a fine preacher. I also drew him into our leadership team. One difficult trial for him in those early days was the fact that he realized as a Christian he should only marry someone who likewise loved the Lord. In our very small church there were few girls his age and no one he felt attracted to. He waited patiently for many years in spite of pressure from his unsaved father “to find a girl before it was too late.” He was well into his thirties when the Lord brought a sweet young lady to our church. In 2005 they were mar- ried and now have two young sons they are raising for the Lord. In 2006 I asked our church to elect a lay-pastor to assist me in leading the church and also to lead the church when I am out of the country. Attila was selected by an overwhelming major- ity. Attila does not feel called to full-time ministry. He is a midlevel manager in the logistics department of the local Suzuki car factory. Nevertheless, he is an excellent preacher and relates very well to people. He and his family are truly a gift from the Lord, and we are so grateful that the Lord brought them to us. I will let Attila share in his own words what our church means to him: I still remember when in 1995 I came to this church for the very first time. I was immediately drawn by the love and the family-like atmosphere. This is what got me here actually. A couple months went by before I got saved finally. I am very grateful to this church, and to the pastor and his family personally, because through them God gave me hope, and God gave me joy by coming to this church, and being a part of this wonderful people here. And I am also very grateful that God gave me a family through this church. I got to know my wife here. And I have two sons, and if I think about their future, and that they have a chance to come to this church and be a part of the youth ministry. That really makes me so grateful to the Lord. The Patton Family—missionaries in Hungary