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By Ron Winkler I first met Irena when she began coming to the English classes I teach in the city of Jõhvi, Estonia, not far from the Rus- sian border. She came to the second day of class and has been diligently studying English ever since! At each class time, I visit with the students and try to get to know them and establish relationships. Though at the time we were not yet able to hold weekly church services, we made arrangements to have a special service on Resurrection Sunday in April 2010. The Lord blessed with 10 people in attendance. Each person that came was either one of my English students or a family member of one of the students. It was at this service that Irena met my wife and children. We continued to build a relation- Ron and Rachel Winkler ship with her as a family while we looked for opportu- nities to share the Gospel. During this time I received a copy of the book Done by Cary Schmidt that had been translated into Russian. When I asked Irena to proofread it, she readily agreed. In a matter of days, she had read it from cover to cover and showed me an entire page of notes she had written. The simple truths of this book seemed to be making an impact on her. Irena with the Winkler children