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As the summer months approached and the English classes ended, I asked Irena if she would like to have a weekly Bible study. She quickly responded with a “yes,” and we set a day and time. We studied the book Done in detail. It was important for her to understand that salva- tion is by grace, not by works. The sad truth is many people, including those from an Ortho- dox background like Irena, believe salvation is the same as religion. They think you have to do something to get salvation: light candles, be bap- tized, give money, etc. Jesus already did every- thing—it's DONE! As we studied throughout the summer, I became excited because I could tell the Holy Spirit was working in Irena's heart. On August 4, 2010, Irena prayed and accepted God's free gift of salvation. What a privilege it is that God would use me to share the Gospel with others! In September 2010 we began holding weekly Sunday services. Irena attends almost every week. With each hymn we sing and every message that is preached, I pray that Irena's Chris- tian walk will be strengthened. I look forward to seeing her grow spiritually, and most of all I look forward to what the Lord has planned for her when she yields herself completely to Him. Estonia English class Irena on left next to Ron Winkler