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and endure hardness as a good soldier of Jesus Christ. Let your motto be: I have come to stay! Do not expect the work to be easy. Be patient, flexible and bloom where planted. Know that NYC is full of immigrants and that you will be reaching immigrants. Your congregation will be between 50% and 90% first generation immigrants. One church planter has 35 countries represented in his church each Sunday. Know that the ministry will most likely be multi-lingual. As you walk down the streets of NYC you will hear many different languages. Although these people may do business in English, the language that speaks to their hearts is their mother tongue. One church planter found it necessary to learn Spanish so he could minister to the large number of Spanish- speaking people in his neighborhood. Another church planter has shared his building with two other churches so as to have ministries in English, Spanish and Portuguese. Know that you will not be in the middle of the Bible Belt. Fundamental Baptist churches are few and far between in the Big Apple. The sad truth is many of the church planters coming to NYC do not stay. Actually, there are fewer fundamental Baptist churches in NYC today than there were 25 years ago. Know that God is faithful and that He will provide. As you live by faith and trust God to bless your labors, you will see the omnipotent hand of God in action. God still does miracles today! One church planter was given a place to hold services RENT FREE. Another saw God miraculously supply the funds to buy an old Jewish synagogue; now it is a Baptist church. Know that starting a church in NYC is possible, challenging and rewarding! Know that God could use you to reach the masses of people in NYC. Will you pray for God to raise up more laborers for New York City? Will you help support someone who will come to New York City to start a church? * Coy and Nancy Shaw are missionaries planting Portuguese-speaking churches in the Astoria area of NYC.