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A Servant of God and his... Divine Partnership For we are labourers together with God (1 Corinthians 3:9) . by James Ray The great missionary David Brainerd died in the home of Jonathan Edwards in Northamp- ton, Massachusetts. Jonathan Edwards, writing about that event in an article, spoke of the last times of David Brainerd. “David's last church service, his last prayers with the family, his last horseback ride, the last time he went out of our gate alive, his last message.” Edwards wrote, “I praise God that in His providence Brainerd should die in my house so that I might hear his prayers, so that I might witness his consecration and be inspired by his example.” It was more than 40 years ago when a young couple seeking support came by the church I pastored. Bob and Gail Huffman were going to Paris, France, to share news of the Redeemer. With two little girls, they arrived in Colombes, France, in 1969 to begin learning the French language. They moved to Argenteuil in 1971. The earliest meetings were held in their apartment, followed by the move to a house in 1972. In 1977 they moved to a larger house in town where for 24 years they shared the Gospel of God's love to those around Bob Huffman them. A church was established, and in 2001 the present building was acquired with room for 120-150 people. Through the years I have visited Bob and Gail and preached in their church in this suburb of Paris. When BIMI celebrated its 50 years of ministry in June 2010, nearly 800 people were present under the big tent. Missionaries from all over the world converged on the campus of BIMI to celebrate the event. One was Bob Huffman. Bob and Gail traveled all the way from Paris to be there. Bob and Gail had journeyed through more than 40 years of missionary ministry. They still radiated the same spirit as the young couple I first met in 1969. There was, however, a difference. Bob, once the picture of health and vitality, now stood in our midst with a tint of sadness in his eyes. His frame was no longer the vibrant always energetic form I knew, but now thin and weak, he still stood upright and bold. Bob had been battling cancer for a time. He knew his days were limited. A few days earlier BIMI presented Bob with a special award for the faithful and tremendous work he and Gail accomplished in France. In the midst of our joyful reunion with Bob, we all rejoiced but felt foreboding emotion of “last times.”