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Bob and Gail returned to Paris. As Bob neared the gates of eternity, he thought of those friends and churches who had stood with him throughout the journey. He wrote the following: There are some among you who have prayed for us and sent support from the beginning of our ministry in 1969. Others have joined along the way. We love and respect each one of you because of your consecration and faithfulness to the great commission. You were there when we had physical and spiritual needs! You were with us when two young Christians with two little girls, only two and six, left all they knew to go to a foreign country, language and culture. You stayed with us as we labored to learn French, trying at the same time to make contacts and share the love of Christ with them. We were aware of your prayers as we witnessed to neighbors, fellow students, and later to merchants in the open market where we held a Bible and book stand. You went with us through each step of the ministry, from starting with English classes and Bible clubs in the high-rise apartment complex to the house where we held services in the garage turned chapel to the old stone house in town where we met first in the living-dining room, then in the basement, and finally in a renovated workshop just behind the house. You accompanied us through each phase of outreach: the recorded telephone messages, tract distribution, summer and winter camps, the ladies meetings, the youth group, AWANA clubs, films, concerts and the radio program the church sponsored. You stayed by us as the children grew up, through our son Lance's meningitis, our daughter Lauri's bout with Hodgkin's disease, and now through my wife's Parkinson's disease. You were faithful to pray and give as the church outgrew the building and as we searched for a place to purchase in 2000-2001. You saw God answer prayer and give us our present building and you stayed with us through the years of renovation and for the inauguration. Now the church has called a national pastor and the ministry and outreach goes on through the Christians we have trained to take over the teaching and other responsibilities. Just last Sunday seven teens made professions of faith at a dinner and meeting on Saturday night! As most of you know, my physical status has been affected by pancreatic cancer, and tests show that the chemotherapy has not had the desired effect. Therefore, all treatments have been stopped and we don't know what the future holds. Of one thing we are sure: we know the Lord holds the future in His Hands, and we are trusting Him completely for the outcome. As for me, behold, I am in your hand: do with me as seemeth good and meet unto you (Jeremiah 26: 14). On December 3, Bob Huffman made his last journey to the church in Paris that he had started so many years ago. The young man who had come by my church to tell me of his vision for Paris had at last reached the end of the journey. Gail stood lovingly by his side as she had throughout all the years. His children were there cherishing last moments and remembering all the events of last times—his last words, his last prayer, his last witness to the nurse who attended him and—yes, you, his friends and supporters were present. Since the day you had met him and supported him—and became with Bob labourers together with God. YOU WERE THERE! IN MEMORY OF BOB HUFFMAN 43 YEARS MISSIONARY SERVICE IN FRANCE Mrs. Gail Huffman continues to serve in France, working with women's ministries in the church her husband, Bob, founded. In memory of Bob Huffman's passion for reaching the lost, Gail has proposed a memorial fund to assist in distributing Bibles in Europe and Eurasia. By designating your gift to the Bob Huffman Memorial/European Bible Fund #656, Bob's evangelistic vision will be honored.