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Carole Brind'Amour—January 5, 1960 - August 25, 2010 Carole Brind'Amour was born in Longueuil (Quebec, Canada), January 5, 1960, to Thérèse and Victorian Daigle. She was the older sister to three brothers: Marcel, André, and Paul. According to Carole, the most important day of her life was in March 1984 when she accepted Christ. That day Carole asked for the forgiveness of her sins and put her total trust in Jesus Christ. Until her last day, Carole continued to serve Christ and speak constantly about Him. It was the desire of her heart that everyone know the joy and peace she found in Him. After salvation, the other great event in her life was the day she met the love of her life, Jacques Brind'Amour. They were married March 1, 1986. The Lord blessed them with three children: David, Marc-André and Catherine. In 1997 the Brind'Amour family started deputation across Canada and the US to present the project the Lord had placed in their hearts, the establishment of a new church in Drummondville, Quebec. In May 1999 their vision was realized when Good Shepherd Baptist Church was born. From that date until August 25, 2010, Carole served the Lord alongside her husband. On that day at 1:30 a.m., Carole embarked on her last big adventure, an adventure that will last for eternity. She was called home to her heavenly Father, the Lord that she loved and that she still loves for she is now in His presence. If Carole could speak today, she would tell us to “Come to the Lord Jesus; put your trust in Him for everything is well with Him.” Esther Huestis —May 3, 1929 - October 30, 2010 Esther and George Huestis had already been serving as missionaries in Brazil for ten years when they joined BIMI in 1969. They and their one-year-old son Steve went to an Indian village on the upper São Lourenco River. George and Esther worked with the Bororos Indians, whose language had never been written down. The Indians suffered from many diseases, so George often travelled to the city of Cuiaba to get free medicine for them. Many Indians' lives were spared because of the love and compassion of George and Esther. George worked on Bible translation, and Esther cared for the family and assisted him in every way she could. Among the churches founded by George and Esther was a church in Nobre, Mato Grosso. They also founded a church called The Fisherman's Baptist Church, located in a remote area of Brazil where all the men were fishermen. Her life was one of compassion, faithfulness and dedication. She was highly respected and looked upon as an ideal wife. Memorial Gifts have been received in memory of: Ella Marie Yates Mike Casly Armand Sanchez Denver Alt Sr. Bill Long Evelyn Meloy Dan Bergerud Robert McLaughlin Mrs. Elliott Juanita Harp Barbara Harrell Johnny Valentine Evelyn Porter by William Angleman by Diane Costro by Hebron Community Health Center by The Fraziers by Calvary Baptist Temple by Sarena Long by Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Garbutt by Steven & Sandra Bergerud by Mark Bergerud by Mr. & Mrs. Edwin Beals by Mr. & Mrs. Steven Manciagli by Barbara Million by Mr. & Mrs. Eric Henderson by Mr. & Mrs. John Shung by John & Lois Franklin by Leon Valley Baptist Church by Mr. & Mrs. Edward Baker II by Tracy & Ellen Daniels by Tracy & Ellen Daniels by Anonymous J.B. Buffington by James Carney by Ellard & Anna Nichols by John Nichols by Allen Dooley by Ruth Cowell by Dr. Carl Green by Lena Duncan by Carolyn Wolf by James Meyer by Howard Payne III by by by by by by by by by by by Mr. & Mrs. James Robson Mr. & Mrs. James Robson Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Nichols Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Nichols Bobby Brown Bobby Brown Bobby Brown Bobby Brown Mr. & Mrs. Ben Matney Sue Meyer Mr. & Mrs. Betty Roach Mr. & Mrs. Harold Lindsey John Farill Phoebe Gattis Gwen Reid Safe Place Ministries, Inc. Jack Livsey Ray Bacon Forrest Hills Baptist Church Elaine Long Ben & Ovalene Collins