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hand in mine and said, “He's your son now too. He has your blood now.” His father had never wanted to listen to the Gospel until that day. He is now a believer! SWEAT! I have seen my husband work with them. He helped them build the school. He helped them build the dispensary. He helped cut the airstrips they needed so the plane could get in to take out medical emergency patients. I have seen his shirt soaked as he worked hard in the sauna-like environment of the jungle. I have seen him go days without sleep caring for the sick. This speaks volumes. TEARS! How many caskets have we built? I remember one baby we were hand- feeding, drop by drop, as we could not get in an IV. We were unable to fly our plane out due to government problems and red tape. We called for the health department planes but they were BUSY flying assembly members to Angel Falls for a vacation. When the baby died, my husband built the tiny casket. Jewel lined it with a blue ging- ham material and Jayde sang Jesus Loves Me in Ye'kwana at the funeral. We are by no means super missionaries. These stories could be repeated over and over again by a number of missionaries. I just feel they need to be put in writing so that others can know of the many things God is doing in missions today. Often- times we act as if the God of the Bible is dead and no longer works among us. Or we read of great missionaries of the last century and wonder why God is not doing the same great things today. He still is! I have witnessed it. * The Vernoy family now serves in Paraguay, South America. Left to Right: Josh, Jayde, Rita, Jewel and Clint