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By Kathy Stone When I first started to hear of Lillie, the sto- Lillie, Frank ries always made Lillie sound like such a and Juanita strong, sweet and dedicated mother. I wanted to meet her and witness to her. Because Lillie had never met me, I asked Juanita to line up a time when I could visit. Lillie was living with her son just down the road from our church. The stories I had heard were true—Lillie was such a sweet lady and so hospitable and kind. On the first visit, I had freedom to witness to both Lillie and her son, but I could sense that Throughout life we accumulate memories Lillie did not truly understand salvation by of the work of God in individuals who have grace through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. made an impact on us. This is the story of one She responded that there had been a time such lady. A smile comes to our faces as Steve when she prayed and asked the Lord to “save her,” but it was in essence being “saved” from and I recall our history with Lillie. a hard situation during a time of illness. For a I would not be able to tell Lillie’s story with- few weeks after, I would make an occasional out first sharing how we came to know her. visit. Each time I enjoyed getting to know In 1991 her daughter Juanita came to know Lillie better and talking with her more. the Lord, was baptized, and joined Calvary Baptist Church in Nova Scotia, Canada. She One Sunday evening, one of Juanita’s sisters had grown up in a Catholic background and came to our church during the service to let recounted to us times when her mother and us know that Juanita’s brother had just passed her siblings walked several miles to attend suddenly from a heart attack. As a result of her their church. Juanita loved her family and son’s passing, Lillie came to live with Juanita wanted them to know Christ, but some were and her husband Frank. She began to attend upset with her choices. She continued to pray Calvary Baptist Church with them. for them. Whenever Juanita shared her story For a year, Lillie sat under the sound of the about her mother with us, she always related Gospel. In March 2007, her heart began to how devoted her mother was to the church understand more of the true message. At the and how much she wanted her children to be close of one service, Steve ended by saying if faithful in their church attendance. anyone had any questions about their salva- tion to please come to him. Lillie immediately came and said, “I want to KNOW that I am going to heaven.” What a joy it was to share from God’s Word His plan of salvation and to have Lillie (at the age of 91) pray and accept Christ. She came out to the others and told them she had been saved. 12 Steve and Kathy Stone Because of the history of infant baptism observed by Lillie’s former church, we imme- diately began to talk with her about the need to be baptized as a believer. She did not hesi- tate to tell us that she wanted to take this step. She had already been a witness to her children