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and family. That caused some resentment because they felt she had “turned her back” on her former church. She was told the Baptist church had “brainwashed” her. She stood her ground and remained strong in her witness. Lillie began reading her Bible for the first time. Juanita told us that her mother would read in the morning and again later in the day until her eyes would be too tired. Lillie’s baptism was scheduled. However, she began to experience strokes, and one stroke left her unable to walk for some time. Her baptism was postponed until a later date. Cal- vary Baptist Church has always baptized in an area lake. We had several scheduled to be baptized on July 22, 2007. Lillie had regained her strength but was still very frail. She told us if all those young people could be baptized in the lake, so could she. We were concerned about her health but prayed that God would protect her as she went into the cold water. We rejoiced as we saw Lillie being helped into the water and being immersed and then walking out of the water with no ill effects. For the first time, Calvary Baptist Church had the visitation and funeral at the church (not at the funeral home as was the standard). In the funeral service, Steve had Lillie’s Bible. He spoke of how Lillie received the Lord as her Savior and loved the Word of God. She had read through the Bible five times and was on her sixth reading when she went home. The Catholic church had told some in years past that if they or their family left the church to be a part of the Baptist church they could not be buried in the cemetery with their fami- lies. This concerned Lillie as her husband was buried there, and she wanted to be buried with him. Lillie got her wish and was placed by her husband. The priest had a part at the grave- side, but Steve had the final word and was able to tell those there that we did not have to pray for Lillie anymore (as the priest had said), but that Lillie was already home with the Lord and no longer needed our prayers. What an impact Lillie made on our lives and the lives of so many of her family and friends. What a blessing for Juanita to see God answer Lillie was a blessing to our church for the next her prayers—to know her mother knew the few years. Everyone enjoyed seeing her come Lord. When we see God’s grace at work, it to the services. But over those years, her body makes our hearts rejoice. and heart began to weaken. It saddened her June 2011 marked the first year since Lillie (and her church family) that her visits to went home. We miss her, but we look for- the services began to decrease and ward to our reunion one day in heaven. As eventually stop. On June 11, Lillie “wrote her story” during our time with 2010, Lillie went home to her, what a wonderful story of God’s grace we be with her Lord. gained to share today! Steve Stone now serves as Far North director. He and his wife, Kathy, work with missionaries throughout Canada and Alaska. Lillie’s baptism 13