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of joy for almost an hour, knowing I had found the Truth for which I was searching. I felt as if a huge burden had been lifted from my body and soul. The joy was unspeakable! Obviously, I had a lot of questions regard- ing my conversion and began visiting a local church off base where many servicemen were attending. After all of my questions were answered, I made a formal and public profession of faith and was baptized in the South China Sea! That was in February 1986, almost five years after I had been given the Gospel by that shipmate on the Forrestal. Fast-forward twenty-three years. God blessed my life with a godly wife and three wonderful children. I attended George Washington Uni- versity School of Medicine and received my Physician Assistant degree. God, in His grace, then called me to the field of Uganda to serve as a church-planting medical provider. In April of 2009, my family and I were attend- ing a missions conference at Valley Forge Baptist Temple when I shared my testimony with a fellow missionary to Uganda, Law- rence Lantz. Afterwards, he asked if I had ever tried to get in touch with this shipmate who gave me the Gospel. In fact, I had never seen nor heard from him since that time. He had flown off the ship just a few months after he had witnessed to me, to be discharged from the Navy. Brother Lantz offered to locate him, and I gave him the shipmate’s name: John Knittle. In less than 24 hours, Brother Lantz had the phone number and town of the shipmate! Incredibly, it was just one hour from where we were attending the conference! I called John the Saturday night before the last day of the conference. I detailed his witness to me back on that aircraft carrier in 1981, of how I was wonderfully saved five years later in the Philippines, and that I was now a missionary on my way to Africa! John was completely taken by surprise. He shed tears of joy, listening to how his faithful sowing of the seed of the Gospel had born fruit in the salva- tion of my lost soul. For years, I had wanted to say “thank you” to this man who had shared the Gospel with me, and that day I finally got that chance. That Sunday morning, John and his family drove to the church that was hosting the con- ference. We met nearly thirty years from the last time we saw each other when I was a lost, wandering soul on that aircraft carrier. We had a great reunion and it was truly a bless- ing for him to see the fruit of his labor. Let this be an encouragement to all. If we are faithful in giving out the Gospel, whether it be to friends, neighbors, coworkers or the person at the corner store—God’s Word truly does not return unto Him void. For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to everyone that believeth (Romans 1:16). The power of the Gospel most assuredly can save souls. This Navy sailor was faithful to minister in his own small mission field—an avionics shop aboard a naval aircraft carrier. His faithful- ness will someday be rewarded by the Lord Himself, and part of the fruit of my labor in Uganda will go to his account. Remember, it takes just one believer, faith- fully sowing the seed of the Gospel, to change a life forever. I am living proof. How could God use the power of the Seed in your hands? What impact can you make? You’ll never know until you begin sowing! Final note: Alan Sutphen and his family com- pleted deputation and arrived in Uganda on June 6, 2011. Alan Sutphen (right) with John Knittle 15