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By Mark Lockhart Many men have been credited with saying, “There’s no limit to what you can do for God if you don’t care who gets the credit.” We may not know who first made the statement, but we certainly appreciate men of God who take the truth to heart. Through this article, it is our privilege to introduce you to a couple of men who persist toward this disposition. It is not surprising that they are missionaries. Each has been blessed with a wife who is com- mitted to the work of the Lord in a foreign land. Both are serving in the country of Honduras and together they have seen God accomplish works that are beyond their imagination. Alan and Becky Jackson, along with their children, Joshua, Jacob and Jennifer, arrived in Honduras in 2004. Since that time they have started two churches that will soon be turned over to national pastors. Not only have the Jacksons started two churches, but they have also worked with a children’s ministry. There is great personal satisfaction and joy in caring for children Alan Jackson and family who might otherwise be without hope. How- ever, we doubt that one who cares for orphaned, abandoned or troubled children celebrates prestige. Gratefully, recognition is not the longing that motivates the Jacksons to sacrifice of themselves. Rather, it is that God would be glorified and made manifest to these children. One young man presently in their home is William. He is twenty years old. William has surrendered to do the will of God and is leaning toward the idea that God wants him to be a preacher. Another young man who was in their home is Josué, (Joshua). Now twenty-four years old, he will soon be assisting Alan as they start a new church in Danli, a town of some fifty thousand inhabitants. The Jason Tate family In addition, there is a group of believers in the town of Amapala that, including the surrounding areas, has a population of some five thousand. These believers have a small building where they meet and are pleading for a preacher to tend to the flock. Jason and Cassy Tate, along with their children, Audrey and Jordan, arrived in Honduras in 2003. They started Light of the World Baptist Church in Ojojona. Two more children (Joey and Matthew) were born in Honduras. Not only has God blessed their family, but He continues to bless the ministry. One of those blessings came through a man who attends Light of the World Baptist Church. Ruben Zelaya is an electrician assigned to work for the President. However, he is paid by the military and therefore is not subject to dismissal each time the administration changes. Since 2007 this contact has afforded Brother Tate a tremendous opportunity of ministry with the Presidential Honor Guard.