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Bible institute class The military had their promotion day on January 28, 2011. The captain overseeing the daytime activities of the Presidential Honor Guard was promoted to Commandant of the Honduran Navy. General Osorio, his boss, was promoted to General over all of Honduras’ military forces. Both of these officers have at one time or another been in the services that are conducted each Thursday morning. The new officers continue to encourage the men to come to the services and have considered making it mandatory for all officers and soldiers under their command. Through this opportunity, Brother Tate has been able to preach, in a single session, to as many as two hundred military personnel assigned to the Presidential Honor Guard! The Jacksons and the Tates also minister to each other. The Tate family arrived in Honduras just three months prior to the Jackson family. Cassy helped Becky find the things essential for their household. Jason states that the role of who helps whom has changed through the years and that Becky provides an invaluable source of information and wisdom for Cassy. The wives rely on each other for ideas for ladies’ ministries, the training of Sunday school workers and homeschooling! Alan and Jason have been of mutual help and encouragement one to another through simple physical presence, counsel, and at times, financial assistance. Although it is difficult to categorize all the ways these families assist and minister to each other, both summarize by saying their ministry partners are invaluable. Jason says Alan is a tremendous source of help, especially in the area of counsel, because of his years of experience in the ministry. Their ministries are only separated by nine miles. The short distance facilitates cohesiveness between each distinctive ministry and affords them the possibility of collective ministry opportunities. At present, the two local works join together for baptism services. This is not only encouraging for the Tate and Jackson families but it is also edifying to the new believers. Alan and Jason administer and teach together at Faith Baptist Seminary. Eleven students attend evening classes. Five full-time students attend during the day. The ultimate goal is to train nationals to become pastors, to carry on the work and embark upon other needed ministries. Two students who have been training in Bible institute are soon to be ordained and installed as the pastors of the two churches Alan started. Furthermore, the missionaries have a vision of helping the full-time students with a work scholarship through individual farming projects. This ambition will require initial finances to start the program. Moreover, their dream includes building dormitories for the Bible institute students. BIMI WORLD – Number 2, 2011 19