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One of the biggest news stories of this year is the earthquake that took place in northeastern Japan on March 11, 2011. The destruction created by the earthquake, tsunami and damaged nuclear reactors is almost unfathomable. My wife, Barb, and I were in Japan at the time of the earthquake and we will never forget our experience. After landing in Tokyo, Japan, on Tuesday, March 8, we flew to Misawa on March 9. Upon our arrival at the home of BIMI missionaries Sammy and Joan Popwell, we encountered a 7.2 magnitude earthquake. Having experienced many earthquakes during our time in Alaska, we knew what was happening. There was no damage from the quake and life continued on David H. Snyder as normal. That night we began a missions conference at Faith President/General Director Baptist Church, pastored by Brother Popwell. God gave us good meetings on Wednesday and Thursday, with one young lady surrendering her life to missions. On Friday afternoon the ladies were finishing their Bible study while the men and children waited in the lobby of the church. Without warning, the earth began to shake. After realizing that this earthquake was lasting for an extended period of time, we evacuated the building. We found it difficult to keep our balance as we waited in the parking lot for the quake to stop. Finally, more than two minutes after things had begun to shake, everything was still. Upon reentering the church, we discovered that we had lost electricity. Not only did this mean we had no source of heat but it also meant it was impossible to know what was happening in the rest of Japan. Eventually, after many aftershocks we drove back to the Popwell’s home. Throughout the neighborhood we could Faith Baptist Church Misawa, Japan 2