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by Coy Shaw “We will be moving back to the United States,” reads the prayer letter. They are not talking about returning to the States for furlough. Why are they leaving “the mission field”? For years you have prayed for and given to their ministry. You thought they were dedicated Christians, real servants of the Lord. You conclude they were not truly committed to serving the Lord. True, some missionaries do give up and return to the States. For others, returning to the States becomes necessary due to serious problems with their health. However, there are some who return to the United States because they know it is God’s will for them to do missionary work within the borders of their home country. For those who return to the United States to do missionary work, the decision is based on a certainty that it is the call of God, just as it was the call of God that led them to leave the United States and labor in another country. Such is the case with Ed and Barbara O’Brien. For twenty-eight years the O’Briens labored in Mexico. God had used them to win and disciple many Mexicans. Several churches had been established and turned over to Mexican pastors. They were “between works” when God began to speak to them about returning to the United States. Ed explains what happened: In February of 2009, Barbara and I were sensing our time in Jocotepec, Mexico, was drawing to an end. It was time to turn over the work to the nationals. We began to pray about where we should start our next work and we spent time surveying a map of that part of Mexico. We also made some day trips to different towns to get a sense of direction from the Lord. Each time we went to another town or city and even began to think it might be the place, the Lord brought an uneasiness over both of us. The Holy Spirit was telling us, “No, this is not where I want you. ” God would not give us peace about any place we considered. This went on for a couple of months until we both spent several days upon our knees and asked the Lord to show us what He wanted and we would do it. “Lord, if you will just write it on the wall we will do it. You know our hearts. ” Barbara and Ed O’Brien 22 BIMI WORLD – Number 2, 2011 A few days later we made a call to a family we had led to Christ while we were in Long Beach, California. The family now lived in Fort Smith, Arkansas. We wanted to let them know we would be traveling through Arkansas and wanted to visit with them. With tears Maria Magdalena explained that the church they had attended for a few years had gone liberal and was involved in corruption. They could not in good