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conscience continue to go there and she asked if we would pray and ask the Lord if He would allow us to come and start a biblically sound Baptist church in Fort Smith. We really had no desire to return to the US, but we told her we would pray and then talk with them further when we came through. After hanging up the phone, we felt the Lord speak to our hearts that this was His direction and leading. If we wanted to continue to serve Him, it would be in Arkansas. I was scared to death! “No Lord, not back to the States. Please no. Churches will think we are quitting.” For several weeks we continued to pray about what the Lord would have us do. After much prayer a final decision was made. We are still missionaries doing the same thing we have been doing for 28 years, just not in Mexico. During that time of struggle the Lord spoke to my heart saying: “Missions is not a geographic location, it is people and where I send you to reach them. Now go!” God has blessed the ministry in Fort Smith, Arkansas. The Fundamental Bible Baptist Church (Iglesia Bautista Bíblica Fundamental) quickly outgrew its original location. Attendance now runs in the mid to upper 50’s. Souls are being saved and converts are following the Lord in believers’ baptism. Due to the low wages of their church people, the O’Briens still depend on support from churches in the United States. By faith their church has signed a contract to buy a church building for $100,000. A down payment of $30,000 has been made and the church mem- bers have given another $12,000. The O’Briens have also received $4,000 in special donations. The balance of $54,000 is due on May 14, 2012. Maybe God would have you help the O’Briens and the Fundamental Bible Baptist Church with the purchase of their building. When Brother O’Brien was asked why he thinks God chose them to return to the United States to start a Hispanic church, his reply was, “Because He knew we would obey.” Without a doubt God led the O’Briens to Mexico twenty-eight years ago, and it is God that placed them in Fort Smith, Arkansas. Praise the Lord! 23