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opportunity tailor-made for me. I found out later that Samara was one of the last major cities in Russia to form an American football team. If I were in any other city, this opportunity would not have come. We laid some ground rules right away. No foul language would be tolerated and there would be no fighting. No one is allowed to argue with the referees or show any disagreement with their calls. The team had to be self-supporting. Games, equipment, travel and anything else had to be paid for by the team. I told everyone that I am a Baptist pastor, and what I do is very important, so I could only spare two times a week to coach them. They agreed. That was almost two years ago. Kolya, the leader of the team, is now saved. He studies the Bible every Sunday with me and has for almost a year. Katya, his girlfriend, studies with us. Before Kolya would trust Christ, he came to my house over 50 times. Now he is faithfully learning what God wants for his future marriage. The relationship of coach and player is a great place from which to witness—it opens people up in a great way. As we are building our house/church, all the guys I hire are from the team. When we have a big job to do that takes a lot of people on the construction site, the whole team voluntarily helps. I am praying the whole team will be saved. Now our games are on cable television and the internet. Scores are announced on local network television along with pre-game interviews. Many friends in our village and around Samara come to me, having seen the interviews on TV, and make jokes about what a big star I am. Some of the guys on the team took the time to incorporate an American football sports federation (a government recognized legal organization) of which I am on the committee. The team is widely known in the city and we have new people coming all the time—more people to whom I can witness and who will listen a lot more closely because of our relationship as a coach and a player. God did not send me to Russia to start football teams. He sent me to start churches. However, the former is helping me do the latter. One of the Bible verses I have required the entire team to memorize is Proverbs 24:10: If thou faint in the day of adversity, thy strength is small. This is a good one to think about when it is -22° F and your football deflates. Have questions about BIMI? Want to know where a mission- ary is serving? Need a compelling story of God’s grace at work? Two resources are at your fingertips— and Face- The web site shines the light on everything BIMI. Magazines, newsletters, missions conference resources and a downloadable Home Office DVD are just a part of the information you can find. Need to locate a missionary who is on deputation or furlough? Have some- one interested in missions that you would like to send to CAMP BIMI? Have a layman interested in helping on a CLAIM trip? Want to know where the latest Bible distribution project is? Does BIMI have any orphanages? It’s all there and much more! Want to know the latest in BIMI current events? Follow us on Facebook. will keep you posted on late breaking BIMI news and let you see pictures of special events. The world is truly becoming a smaller place and world missions is right at your fingertips. Browse on by and pay us a visit. 26 BIMI WORLD – Number 2, 2011