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By Rick Conrad A Letter to Natalie Thank you, Natalie, for your letter and desire to serve the Lord. Thank you for your part in giving your children a vision for missions. I will try to give you an idea of our mission work. First, let me say that as a Christian, I believe we are all called to be disciples and we are all sent to be witnesses of Jesus. We each are the light of the world and the salt of the earth. As we each follow Jesus, He gives us His power and He leads us to the people we will be a witness to. In this way God leads us each to the place He has planned for us. We often stumble and go astray, but He always will bring us back to His path for us. The important thing is to shine where we are. God works in us all to go to the place where He wants us to shine. A missionary is in Japan or Africa because God has worked in his life to be a witness in these places. The song Be a Missionary is very true. Be a missionary every day. Tell the world that Jesus is way, Be it in the town or country or busy avenue­—Africa or Asia, the task is up to you! So what do I do each day? First, let me say I am still learning. I am learning and believing that God has certain people He wants me to witness to today. He will guide me to them and them to me. Because God is faithfully working and loves all people, it is important that I pray and stay filled with the Holy Spirit and stay surrendered to God all the time. This is hard to do, but this is my top priority. He helps me make plans, but I must not rely on my plans. I must rely on Him each day. These days God has opened doors for us to witness to many children and mothers in various English classes in the mornings and afternoons through the week. He has opened the door for us to witness to men in English classes several nights each week. In addition, as we ride the trains or meet people 30 BIMI WORLD – Number 2, 2011