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Brazilians. Fortunately for the Shaws and their people, the good people of the Open Door Bible Baptist Church of Astoria have allowed the New Life Baptist Church to meet in their building. The ministry in Astoria has many of the same challenges as the ministries in the Bronx and in Jamaica, plus a few challenges that are unique to a specific language ministry. There is the problem of access because about 99% of the people in Astoria live in apartment buildings. There is also the special challenge of identifying Portuguese speaking Coy and Nancy Shaw people. Brazilians are like Americans (a mixture of many bloods) and visual identification can be difficult. The distribution of Portuguese language tracts involves listening to people as they talk to each other or as they talk on their cell phones. Locating close to a Brazilian business, especially a restaurant around meal time, usually makes for productive tract distribution. Yes, there are obstacles to inner-city ministry, but God works in spite of obstacles. No matter where they live, people need Jesus. C. T. Studd, missionary to China, expressed it so well, “Some yearn to live within the sound of a church bell, I’d rather run a rescue mission within a yard of hell.” 34