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By Gary Craft A wonderful opportunity for the Gospel stands just outside the doors of every military church overseas. Although our primary calling is to win the U.S. Military to Christ, we are very mindful of the nationals all around us. In many places around the globe, our military missionaries are seeing fruit among the local community. In Germany, a great number of English-speaking Germans are part of our mission field where there is a large population of Americans living. The German people are drawn to the American church for several reasons. In response to the question about what drew him and his family to our church, Armin’s words were “We love the music, the life and the warmth of love in the American church. It is more personal and not like the cold, formal, traditional state church.” He and his wife were led to the Lord by Brother Gary Craft through the ministry of an American military church. Armin and wife Sgt. Ricardo Grady was doing some work around Rhein River Baptist Church following a Saturday morning men’s prayer meeting when he heard a knock on the glass door at the front of the building. There stood a slightly disheveled man looking in. “Can I come in and use your restroom?” he asked. “Sure,” Sgt. Grady said as he opened the front door. When the man came out of the restroom, Sgt. Grady introduced himself to Joaa Francisco, an Angolan man who had been living in Germany with his family for several years. It was not long until Sgt. Grady asked about his salvation. There, at the front of the church, Joaa received Christ as his personal Saviour. The discipleship director Brother John Hornbeck began to follow up on Joaa and he began to grow in the Lord. It was not long until Joaa began bringing his French wife, Marie-Ange, and their three daughters to church. Joaa and Marie-Ange Francisco and family One Sunday morning Marie-Ange came forward to receive Christ. The family began to attend Sunday school faithfully. Because the daughters spoke very little English, Mrs. Lancaster began meeting with the two oldest girls on Tuesdays to help them with their Sunday school lessons. On one of those Tuesdays the oldest 35