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daughter, Marina, was saved. Since then the other two daughters, Wendy and Adina, have been saved. The Franciscos have become one of the most faithful families at Rhein River Baptist Church, pastored by Brother Tom Lancaster. Their daughters have been involved in the ministry and their oldest, Marina, will be leaving for West Coast Baptist College in 2012 to prepare for full time service. Stories like these prove the great worth of military ministries around the world reaching local nationals with the Gospel. One local German Christian businessman commented that the hope for so many Germans rests in the fact that the US military are here in Germany and that the military pastors and churches are here to preach the Gospel to whosover will may come. Military missionaries use a number of means to try and win nationals to Christ. Two such means are tract distribution and making translation available in the services. In Germany, several military churches host special days such as German American Friendship Day and German Appreciation Sundays. The message of the Gospel is preached and translated into their language and a meal is served following the service offering friendship and fellowship. Because of their interest in the American church, many come and hear the Gospel. Some military churches have had over 40 Germans attending these special days. Our military missionaries in the Pacific have had great success in the local national ministry in Japan and Okinawa. One wonderful story comes from the ministry of Yokosuka Baptist Church. Kazuhiro Takahashi’s journey to faith started when he first met his wife and her family. He was impressed when he saw his wife and her family gather together in the living room to read Scripture, sing a hymn and pray together. He did not understand why they did that every night of their two week stay in the Philippines. He told his wife he did not want any part of it and locked himself in their bedroom. But, every night he would peep at them through the door Kazuhiro Takahashi and wife and eavesdrop. When he knew they were about to finish, he would jump into bed, put on a facade and pretend he did not care. When his wife came to Japan, she already knew what church she wanted to go to. As a husband, Kazuhiro knew he was responsible to make her happy especially in a country not her own. So, every Sunday, he would travel with her by train to Yokohama, and tell her she could go to church 36