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Ten different families have come to our home for dinner and fellowship. Some of these have been fellow home educators we have located, some have been potential church members and some were our neighbors. There is a small- town mentality here. This means everyone knows everything about everyone. We are definitely the outsiders. Though my husband was born in England and he and all our children hold British citizenship, they all sound like Americans! Besides that, the Scouse accent of the Liverpool area is very difficult to understand even to most British people, but we are slowly learning the lingo. We were able to give out 15,000 first-class, full-color flyers advertising our church’s grand opening and have given out countless church tracts as well. My husband visits thirty hours a week and has knocked on thousands of doors. The apathy is astonishing but most people are polite. We were featured in a local newspaper, which is how one of our faithful families heard of us. We were given a very nice keyboard and a man in our church paid for a wooden pulpit to be made. We have several families and a few individuals coming faithfully. Everyone is enthusiastic about this new work. UK Mother’s Day fell on the Sunday after we started our church, so we honored the four mothers in the service with Amazing Grace Baptist Church reusable shopping bags. We have already ordered the small gift for Father’s Day and plan to make it a special day as well. Easter went well and twenty- four people came. We built a backdrop of white lattice and cloth and took family photos of those that came. These were framed and given to the families the following week at church. We had an egg hunt for the children and everyone said they would be back the following week. The first Ladies’ Bible study and craft night has been started and a men’s camping trip is in the works. We have a goal of starting a children’s puppet and character building time on Sunday afternoons as well. The people who have been attending have a desire for spiritual growth that is evident in the response to the messages. Door-to-door soul winning has been fruitful with fifteen people receiving Christ as their Savior. We borrowed a baptistery from a church a little ways from here and baptized three men and one lady. The Lord has been very good, and we are privileged to be His ambassadors to this city of nearly a million people! 39