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by David Harris On a cold April night I stopped at a coin laundry on a hill just north of the city of Miyako. I was traveling down the devastated coast of Tohoku, returning to Kesennuma from Misawa in order to continue relief efforts. As I started down the hill into the city, an announcement shrilled over loudspeakers, “There has been a large earthquake. Everyone be careful!” It was safer to return up the hill for the night and continue the next morning when it was easier to see. That night as my clothes were washing, a lady from the area told me her story. She said, “When we heard the tsunami warning, my friend and I headed out of the city and up a hill to my home. As soon as we got there, my friend’s husband returned below to get his car. When he reached his car we saw the water coming, but he could not. We yelled for him to run, but he could not hear us.” With tears in her eyes, she said they saw him carried away by the surging waters. BIMI WORLD – Number 2, 2011 5