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Such are the stories being told by survivors of the March 11, 2011, tsunami. More than 20,000 are either confirmed dead or missing. Whole cities were destroyed. Those who remain are changed forever—living in fear of another earthquake or tsunami. Everyone is worried about the future. There is a great need in Tohoku today. The file on my computer is dated January 31. That is when the final revision of “The Call for Laborers, The Urgent Need in Northern Japan” for the BIMI World was completed. Little did I know how the Lord was going to magnify that need. The online version posted in February and the printed magazine was produced just prior to the earthquake and tsunami. My wife, son, and I were in Misawa, 200 miles north of Sendai, participating in a missions conference when the earthquake hit. We had traveled by bullet train and planned to return home after its completion. On Friday, we were at church when the buildings began to shake. Everyone exited to the parking lot. The earth shook and moved for quite some time. After the quake finished, I remember saying, “I wonder what is happening in other parts of Japan because of this.” We all knew it was big. We were without electricity until late Saturday and did not know what was happening around us. When we arrived at church for the International Banquet, we saw some newspapers and were amazed at the pictures (see p. 2). That was when we learned the tsunami hit not far from us. We needed to get back to home when the meeting concluded, but the trains were not running. We decided to drive back as guests were coming for the KIBBS Bible Conference to be followed by a youth conference. It took over 30 hours to travel the 750 miles. After the conferences, plans were made to go back to Tohoku to give people the Gospel and help with their needs. Members of Grace Kobe Baptist Church met at a local supermarket to buy supplies for Fukushima. Pastor Tajima of Koriyama Baptist Church had gathered a list of needs from pastors in the area. With donated money, we bought supplies and loaded our van. Brother Ron White and I drove to the Adatara Bible Camp in Fukushima to deliver the supplies and meet with area pastors and workers. We listened to their experiences and sensed their food and clothing distribution 6