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the team and base camp burdens. We certainly need to pray for the churches in Fukushima as their area will be adversely affected by the radiation for many years. Then we drove north to meet with missionaries who set up tents 15 kilometers west of Kesennuma between Sendai and Morioka. For three weeks the team was able to take food, clothing, Gospel tracts and Bibles to many needy people. We traveled through many destroyed towns and observed workers still looking for those who perished a month earlier. Our missionary team stood in the city of Rikuzentakata. Once a busy little town of over 23,000, it was completely destroyed. Now only a dozen or so buildings remained in the downtown area. One apartment building was about 200 meters from the ocean. Its fifth floor was intact, but the four floors below were gutted. Two bridges were washed away. Destruction flowed 4 or 5 kilometers back into a valley. The only homes left were ones on nearby hills. It is estimated over 3,000 people died here. We took pictures, talked with people and did our best to give the hope of the Gospel to people in many towns both north and south of Kesennuma. It was hard to see such devastation, but it was even more difficult to imagine how thousands of people along the 400-mile long coast of Tohoku will face an uncertain future. All of us knew we were only there for a short time. We would go home soon, but many had no place to go. It is our heart’s desire that the seed we planted will produce a great harvest and many will find hope in Jesus Christ. It is our prayer that God will give us men who can go to Tohoku to start churches. Three weeks in the tsunami zone convinced me that the greatest need of Tohoku is for Gospel preaching churches! The need of Tohoku is the same as when our Lord looked out upon the multitudes and saw them as sheep having no shepherd. The need of Tohoku is the Gospel! Is it possible that there is something sadder than the destruction of the earthquake and tsunami? I believe there is. The most difficult thing was to drive through this whole area knowing that the laborers are few! Who will go help them? Who will give them what they need most? Who