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will carry the Gospel to Kesennuma, Rikuzentakata, Ofunato and many other cities throughout Japan? North of Fukushima, there are five prefectures but only three independent Baptist churches. Seven million people need someone to give them the Gospel! Will you pray with us that God will send laborers into this part of the harvest? We are eagerly praying for 10 new missionary families. Several years ago the Lord helped us begin a list of people interested in coming to Japan as missionaries. That list is at 30 and growing! Currently BIMI has only nine families and a single missionary in Japan and six military churches. We have one couple on deputation. Help us pray that many more will come! The news of new missionaries is exciting but do you realize that for a foreign missionary to come to Japan there are years of preparation? Bible college, deputation and language school can take five years or more. What is really needed is for the Lord to stir the hearts of Japanese men who will respond to the call of God and carry the Gospel all over this country! We need you to pray for the Lord to raise up additional workers from our national churches. These will already know the language and the culture. As one travels in Tohoku today, he sees signs. They read “Ganbare, Nippon!” (Nippon is the national name for Japan) or “Ganbare, Tohoku!” or “Ganbare, Sendai!” “Ganbare” (ga-n-ba-de) is a sentiment expressed when someone needs encouragement. It is a show of support and a call for unity. The whole country seems caught up by this great need! Maybe it is time we as believers erect a sign in our churches and hearts that reads “Ganbare, Christians!” Let us do something for the Lord. The time is short. The end is near! There are people in need of the Gospel in Japan and around the world! “Ganbare, Christians!” Tell your family and friends about Christ! Give your life to the Lord to see souls saved in Japan! “Ganbare, Christians!” 8