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By Bob Green We have completed the June 2011 candidate screening and Board meeting. The Lord graciously sent twenty-five new candidates. The missionary candidates who were screened and approved by the BIMI Board of Trustees come with excellent spiritual and educational credentials and recommendations. These joined the seven approved in December for first year classes. Thirty-one more attended second year classes. The week of candidate training always reflects the attitudes and spirits of the candidates. As directors we sensed Christ-honoring spirits. Attitudes were characterized by a servant’s heart with a love for the Lord and for lost souls. As in recent candidate schools, we were blessed to have folk approved to serve in countries new to BIMI. The Lord gave a family to serve in Cameroon, West Africa. BIMI’s existence and ministry is only justified as we serve the local church and their missionaries. At times the new missionaries come because of the challenge presented by the BIMI 100+Nations Ministry. Others who have surrendered are unaware of the 100+Nations Ministry, but were impacted by the testimony of a veteran missionary. There is a world to be reached with the Gospel of Christ. Our hearts were thrilled to hear the testimonies of the new candidates concerning their salvation and call into missionary service. We are grateful to the Lord of the harvest, to the sending pastors, to the sending churches and all who had a part in these new missionaries applying to serve through BIMI. We are grateful for the opportunity to serve and assist them and their sending churches. 9