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er Ryan were being cared for by a family friend. Much of their young lives had been spent with one of their parents in harm's way. Having served for 16 months in Iraq on a Combat Medic Team, Stephanie had ex- perienced devastation and death firsthand. Her team's mission was to respond to those injured in the many daily attacks. The Medic Team came under attack twice with casualties of their own. Their brigade lost over 30 personnel in 16 months of service in Iraq. As Stephanie finished her shift, she received word of the at- tack and learned of John's injuries. John's brachial artery was severed in his right arm and his left leg from the knee down had multiple fractures. He had minor head injuries and it appeared he would lose his right arm. He went through three surgeries but God was gracious to spare his life. Three families in the United States were receiving much more devastating news. They would learn of the ultimate sacrifice THEIR loved one's paid for the cause of freedom that day. US Army Captain Matthew Nielson (27) from Jefferson, Iowa, US Army Captain David E. Van Camp (29) of Wheeling, West Virginia, and US Army Sergeant Robert G. Tenney, Jr, (29) of Warner Robins, Georgia, assigned to the 2 nd Squadron, 3 rd Armored Calvary Regiment, Ft. Hood, Texas, lost their lives in the attack. For the parents, brothers and sisters and the young wives, an empty chair at their tables will always be a reminder of the high price of freedom. Back in Germany, John faced months of surgeries and physical therapy. During his time at LRMC, I was able to visit with John regularly and talk to him about the Lord and his need for the Savior. Stephanie and the boys had been faithfully attending Heritage Baptist Church located near Ramstein AFB and LRMC for nearly a year. As a church family, we had- been praying for John's salvation. That prayer was answered on Sunday, September 4, when John trusted the ONE who paid the ultimate sacrifice for him. It has been well said that freedom is not free and that there is a price to be paid. We are thankful to the McCulley family and many other families like them who are paying the price for liberty. May God bless our military and God bless America! Number 3, 2011 BIMI WORLD 13