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MK Life Gordon Is Going To College by Mary Ray It was a simple paragraph inserted in the middle of what one would consider an ordinary prayer letter from a missionary in South Africa. He wrote, “Gordon Headed Home to Start College—Gordon has been accepted at Pensacola Christian College. Laura will be bringing him to the States in late August to get him off to school. Please pray for Gordon as he starts this new chapter in his life.” It seemed like a simple statement, but the tears welled up in my eyes as I read it. I knew the emotional challenges this family would face. Most missionary families are very close on the field. They usually do everything together. Our children grew up on the mission field and when they went to camp, we were there as counselors. When they went to youth meetings, we were there helping lead the meetings. When we had church- wide visitation, they were there. They were involved in the music and the children's ministries and every other aspect of our service for the Lord. When a child goes away to college, it is a tremendous adjustment for the whole family. This is true for every family but even more so for the missionary family. One missionary mother said, “There is something 14