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say I had attended and helped deliver over 50 babies while ministering in the jungle. The looks on the faces of the congregation were priceless. The expression on the preacher's face was utter confusion as he tried to figure out what he had said wrong. While studying in the States, another MK almost got a guy pummeled at Bible school. This guy kept teasing her and she wanted him to stop. So she told him in a very strong and louder than normal voice, “Stop molesting me!” She realized she had said something wrong when five other guys grabbed him and pinned him against the wall. She then understood she should have said, “Stop bothering me!” “Oops…sorry about that, I have to get to class now…bye!” She is now a missionary with BIMI in Paraguay. Stories like these are endless, but the end of the matter is this: these pressures of living in a foreign country (the United States) for an MK are of such force that they will long for the day they can return home. They want to serve God. They see the statistics that put 95 percent of Christian preachers ministering to 5 percent of the population in slide shows at missions conferences. They have personally seen and know the needs of many countries. They will gladly go to their homeland (what we call a foreign country) to preach and serve. The benefits of having an MK as one of your missionaries are many—no need for language school, they often already have their visas and paperwork and some even hold dual citizenship due to birth overseas. They know the culture or are much better equipped to adapt to a new one because they are old hands at culture shock. When MKs go to the mission field, they don't leave for a foreign country, they go home. They don't have to learn a strange language. They get to talk again with their hearts and souls. They won't be living among strangers, they will be among friends. They will finally be going home and they will plan on staying there as long as God will use them there. Missionary Enrichment Week brings furloughing MKs together for a week of fun and relationship building that helps them understand they are not alone. 19