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Oceanic Bible Project Power in the Book by Robert and Tim Meyer The Oceanic Bible Project supplied Bibles to the high school students on the island of Malaita in the Solomon Islands. The text of the 15,500 Bibles was printed in the United States by Bearing Precious Seed. The plan of salvation was added and the Bibles were covered and bound by Lighthouse Press in Australia. The Bibles were shipped from Brisbane to Honiara. Alan Brooks, Assistant Southeast Asia Director, and Missionary Tim Meyer worked and planned for months to make the Oceanic Bible Project a reality. Alan was responsible for raising most of the money to fund the project and Tim set up the ground work from Australia. The distribution took almost five weeks. Twenty- nine team members participated—six from the United States, nineteen from Aus- tralia, and four national Bible college students. The population of the Solomon Islands is 570,000 and Malaita is the most populous of the nine major provinces. There were four separate zones on the island and each had particular ways of accessing the schools. A total of 46 schools were visited. Most of the schools were accessed by road in trucks and 4WD, but some were only accessible by boat and three schools had to be hiked to. There were at least 300 salvation decisions in the schools. Both students and teachers made professions of faith. After Bibles were handed out to the students and faculty members at one of the schools, the headmaster stood before us to express his thanks. He said words to the effect of “America is a great super power and they used that power to give us our freedom.” Then holding up the Bible, he said: “But today, these have come to give us the real super power that brings life.” Another teacher mentioned that he had gone to his headmaster to see if they could buy Bibles for the students. He was told there were no funds, but the headmaster said they could pray for the need to be met. They had been praying every Alan Brooks day for one full year when we came with the answer. We were also told in one school that they had not seen a Bible there since 1976. Several times we heard that a Bible purchased in the Solomons would cost $200 in their money. Someone figured that would be about $1,000 in US dollars. 22