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Tim Meyer There is a need to finish printing 12,000 Bibles for distribution next year for the island of Guadalcanal and other provinces. The cost for the actual printing  of these has been paid. There will be other expenses for shipping and transportation. Donations can be mailed to BIMI and marked Oceanic Bible Project.   Robert Meyer Memorial Gifts have been received in memory of: Donald Henderson Sr. Norma Stamfli Felix Harris Sheilah Schouten Clarence Carpenter Walter Shook Alice Stachewiez Nita Webb by Hazel Pablo by Maxime Prien by Shery Barbarisi by Pam Small by Donna Bullock by Jerry Smith by Mary Porter by Suzanne Harmon by Calvary Baptist Church by Patricia Henderson by Mr. & Mrs. Bobby Brown by Mr. & Mrs. Elgin Norman by Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Clemons by Craig Ferrier by Mrs. Walter Shook by John & Lois Franklin Jr. by Sonlight Baptist Church Clifford Lawson by Patricia Henderson Shirley Kautz by Blessed Hope Baptist Church Louise Garrison by Blessed Hope Baptist Church Flossie O'Bryant by Blessed Hope Baptist Church Joe Scarborough by Faith Baptist Church Geraldine McGuire by Tabernacle Baptist Church Waltraud (Trudy) Frick by Mr Gene Frick Virginia Day by Irene Dreistadt Sam Chastain by Pastor Steve Cape & Hillside Baptist Church Clyde Voss by Chambers Furniture Inc. by Greg Salyers Howard Payne by Mr. & Mrs. Sam Walker by Ms. Betty Hawkins by Mr. & Mrs. Rick Spruill Sharon (Cheri) Livingood by Ardell Versaw Coleman Padgett by Temple Baptist Church Number 3, 2011 BIMI WORLD 23