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Sahara Salvation in the Sahara A true story as told to Eric Bohman by a missionary in the 10/40 Window They came in a rush. Six armed men converged on the small Bedouin encampment. Moonlight glittered off their unsheathed knives as the attackers moved stealthily through the desert sands. The attack had been well planned. An informant had told them when the men would be gone to tend to the livestock, leaving the camp defenseless. Now in the isolation of the vast Sahara Desert, the women and children would be at their mercy. One of the attackers, Husseini, knew the camp well for he was the former estranged husband and father of some of the camp's occupants. His cruelty was well known and had been the cause for his former wives to flee him— but he did not care. His background had taught him that women were of little value, only to be used. This wife, (whom we will call Mary), who lived 4 in this encampment, had committed the ultimate crime. She and others in the camp had become Christians. She and two of the older children had been recently baptized. This he would not tolerate. They would pay for their crime against Allah. The stillness of the desert night was shattered by screams and curses as the attackers ransacked the camp. Women and children fled out of their tents to the safety of the desert only to be quickly chased down by other attackers in a waiting vehicle. Herded up like animals, the victims were subjected to a tirade of curses and abuse. “You are not only cursed and the filth of the earth!” the attackers shouted, “You are also polluting these children by teaching them to become Christians!” Whispered prayers were uttered as the women huddled their terrified