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more brutally than was their normal custom. Twice she gave birth while drawing water from the well. The first time she miscarried because there was no hospital or doctor's care nearby. The second child born at the well, a little girl, survived. In 2004 Husseini heard a Gospel message on the radio. He had never heard of a God of love. Who was this One who had died and shed His blood for him? Could this way of salvation truly give him hope and change his life? The missionary had spoken powerful words that he said came from a Holy Book. Husseini had his Koran, but he knew there was no power in it like those words of the missionary's God. Intrigued by the message, he and his neighbor invited the missionary to visit their encampment. The missionary was thrilled at this invitation. For years he had labored in translating the Bible into this desert tribe's language and had faithfully read it and preached it over the radio station, but with little fruit. With a prayer in his heart and a copy of the recently translated Scriptures under his arm, he set out for the encampment. Husseini marveled at the power of the words of the missionary as he read God's Word and prayed for them. He was so moved, the missionary was invited to come again. Soon a regular Bible study was formed. Each week the missionary visited them. Husseini and his neighbors would hear instruction from God's Word. Truly this Word was different than his Koran, but was he willing to submit to its truth in order to change his life? Some in the encampment were willing to accept this Savior, yet others rejected it because it spoke against their sin and they had no desire to quit their wickedness. 6 BIMI WORLD Number 3, 2011 For a time, Husseini seemed to soften as he listened to the Gospel message and he even professed to embrace it. However, Mary knew he was only pretending this in order to gain favor from the missionary and perhaps receive financial help from him. On the other hand, Husseini's neighbor and family fully accepted Christ as their Savior. In doing so, the love of Christ began to show forth in their actions. The missionary, along with these new Christians, showed compassion on Mary's plight by helping with the needs of her family and even providing donkeys to help draw water from the well. Through the teaching of the missionary, the changed lives of her neighbors and the conviction of the Holy Spirit, Mary quietly opened her heart to Christ and accepted Him as her Savior. Her husband's change was only superficial. He remained unchanged in his heart and soon went back to his harsh and cruel ways. He cursed her and the children more often and continually threatened them. At last, Mary could take no more. Twice she fled with her five children through the desert sands to a family encampment many miles away. Then, each time upon promises of a better life, she returned to Husseini only to be later disappointed by the broken promises and the return of the former abuse. Finally, no longer interested in the marriage, Husseini released Mary from their marriage agreement and arranged for a divorce. Mary came back to live near her Christian former neighbors, who had since been baptized. In this new home, Mary began to testify openly of her faith in Christ and grow in the Lord. Soon she presented herself and two of her