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oldest daughters for Christian baptism. It was three days after the baptism that the vehicle of six armed men attacked Mary's encampment. Husseini had re-married two or three times already, only to be rejected whenever the new wife discovered his cruelty. Now he was vindictive. He was more ruthless than ever. This former wife and children had shamed him by openly professing to be Christians through baptism. Rounding up the children and heaping more threats and curses on the Christian women and other children, he and the other attackers left. He took the children to the only place he knew he would be welcomed, his parent's encampment. The next day, he appeared before the Muslim judge and arranged for Mary and her Christian neighbors to be summoned before the Islamic court. Great fear fell on all who walked into the courtroom later that day as the young Christians, who had just submitted to Christian baptism in a Muslim country, knew all too well what their fate could be. Silent prayers were incessantly being sent to their new Savior whom they loved and trusted. They would not recant their faith! To the surprise of many, the Islamic court declined to hear the case! He sent them to the local government authority. Upon hearing the case, the government official decided the case in Mary's favor! He explained that even though their country was predominantly an Islamic country, the new government wanted everyone to have freedom of religion in their nation. The case against the neighbor was dropped and the official even demanded Husseini give restitution for the attack and abuse to Mary and her children. However, not everything was resolved. According to Sharia law, the children belong to the father. The official explained, however, that any child seven-years-old or over could not be forced to stay with the father unless he wanted to do so. This meant three of Mary's children would come back to her. Today, under the guidance of the missionary's family, Mary is still growing in her faith in God and striving to train her three older children for Him. She has acknowledged many times that if the missionary had not come to her country, translated the Bible into her language and had a heart for evangelism, she would never have the salvation and hope she now has in Christ. Her two younger children are still living under the harsh hand of Husseini. Because of her faith, threats on her life are still being made. Will any of her persecutors dare to carry them out? Will Husseini's heart ever open to the Gospel? Only time will tell. Will you pray for Mary, her family and others like her? Many more are seeking for answers and groping for spiritual light. Thank the Lord that one missionary was willing to go and make a difference by bringing salvation to the Sahara. 7