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Being part of a team like BIMI allows us the privilege of meeting many dedicated missionaries. Recently, we were able to participate in our BIMI Field Conference in the Philippines. Before and after the meeting we were able to see missionary families in action as we visited their churches. What a great blessing to see fami- lies giving their lives to see souls saved and churches established in needy areas. I thank the Lord for every one of our missionaries. Yet, as I sat in that meeting and looked around the room, I realized that even if we had twice as many missionaries, the needs of the Philippines would be even greater still. Though we will probably never see large numbers of missionaries go to needy fields, we certainly need many more to go into all the world. Many of our missionaries in Japan and the Philippines have spent enough time to be able to retire. Yet, where are the replacements? This is a real problem that needs immediate attention. We are in great need of many younger couples to come to these fields. To see one or two missionary families trying to reach mil- lions of people on any given island in the Philippines or cities in Japan should stir any heart to pray for laborers. That brings us to consider countries in the 10/40 Window. Many of these are the largest countries of the world. Who is going to go and tell them of Jesus' love and the heavenly mansions waiting above? 2) Participate in the Harvest. What is the greatest thing you can do for world evangelization or for reaching the 10/40 Window? The answer is found in the Great Commission. The oft-quoted theme of the church is for us to go into all the world. Yet, where are the laborers? What is the most important part of the Great Commission? Is it to go? Is it to teach or preach? How about to baptize? How about those who hold the ropes, those who give and pray? The answer to this question can be found in an often used multiple-choice selection…all of the above. In line with the Great Commission, the key is in personal soul winning and discipleship. Nothing can help us reach our world like going out and winning the lost and then working with them until they go out and win the lost. This is where we begin to see growth, increased resources and the potential for more laborers. Number 3, 2011 BIMI WORLD 9