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Yokosuka Baptist Church is a soul-winning church with a vision to reach the military personnel and their families with the Gospel. In addition to the work of our military is the Japanese ministry. Several of our Japanese friends have come to Christ through the ministry of our church. Our people are actively involved in this endeavor. We believe the future of our church is as bright as the promises of GOD’S Word. We do not know all that lies ahead, but we know the KING and LORD JESUS CHRIST is still sitting on HIS Throne. Please pray for Yokosuka Baptist Church. We desire to see GOD call YBC members to Military Missions and win our generation to the LORD JESUS CHRIST. JESSE PILALAS I had the blessing of growing up in a Christian home. My parents were both saved before I was one year old. I know military life because my dad was in the Air Force for twenty-two years. My parents are currently missionaries to the U.S. Military in Heidelberg, Germany. I met the love of my life at West Coast Baptist College where I studied missions. Lynne and I were married May 13, 2006. My assurance of salvation relied for years on a childhood experience that I didn’t really remember very well. When I was older, and after much struggle, I settled it on a Wednesday night at Shadow Mountain Baptist Church. Lynne and I gained a burden for military missions after we were called to Okinawa, Japan, to work at Maranatha Baptist Church. I was the director of the youth ministry and taught 6th grade in the Christian school. LYNNE (NAVATO) PILALAS I made a profession of faith at the age of eight, when my father shared the plan of salvation with me. I do not have clear memory of this decision, and I got my salvation settled when I was twenty-one. My father had the honor of serving our country for twenty years as a Marine. We experienced the blessings and hardships of being a military family. During this time I saw military missions at work in my family. My parents were called to serve the Lord as missionaries while we attended Maranatha Baptist Church in Okinawa, Japan. My dad is currently the pastor of Lighthouse Baptist Church in Sasebo, Japan. As my husband stated above, we were given the opportunity to serve under Pastor Steve Nutt at Maranatha Baptist Church as teachers at the Christian school and with Jesse as youth director. This has enabled us to gain some training and experience in military missions. We served there for two years and are excited to continue serving the Lord through military missions! Deputation On deputation we have had the unique blessing of going to four different countries to raise our support in addition to the many states the Lord has brought us to in our efforts to get to our field of calling. We are praying that the Lord will raise all our support by the end of 2012, so that we may spend the greater part of 2013 in Japan serving where the Lord has called us. SKILLEN FAMILY ARRIVES ON THE FIELD Amidst the ice, snow and cold, The Skillen Family - Brett, Patricia, Brett II, Ariana and little John Issac arrived on the field of Germany in January. They will first be serving in Baumholder at the Grace Baptist Church and then where needed as the Lord leads. Please pray for them as they have now finished their deputation work and begun their ministry in Germany. ASIA FIELD CONFERENCE BIMI Military Ministry Asian field conference will be held July 16-19 in Misawa, Japan. Missionary Pastor Sammy Popwell and the Faith Baptist Church will host this year’s conference. We look forward to all of our Asian Military missionaries attending the meeting and we ask our readers to pray for it.