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A LITTLE GIRL’S TESTIMONY OF GIVING Now and then in missions conferences we hear testimonies of the blessings of God as a result of giving to missions. This little girl’s great faith is rare and worthy of notice. Here it is as Alyse told it: When I was 5 years old, I started getting an allowance. I learned to give my tithe and I learned about Faith Promise. I remember getting my first Faith Promise card. I wrote down that I would give a quarter or more every week. This is how I started learning about giving to mis- sions. A few years later God put it in my heart to help a specific missionary plus my Faith Promise. I wanted to help a young lady from our church because she went to Africa to tell children about Jesus, and she wants to go again. I felt the Lord saying I should save the rest of my allowance - $15 after tithe and Faith Promise. But one day my family was going to the mall to eat dinner. I thought, “I want a Build-A-Bear” because I am crazy about Build-A-Bears. But I had already committed to saving that money for missionaries for the rest of the year. When daddy got home, he brought in the mail because he is a mailman and there were two $10 cards to Build-A-Bear. Then mom remem- bered that she had a $5 coupon in her purse. So even though I was going to give all of my money to missions, God gave it all back plus an extra $10, and He gave me something I really wanted—a Build-A-Bear! So now, every time I play with it, I remember that when I give to God first, He will provide for me and reward me. I can’t wait to give to missionaries again this year. Alyse Almond - 9 years old