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A NEW YEAR By Gary Sprunger Twelve years ago we were embarking upon a new millennium. Now we are in the second decade of that era. The Apostle Paul told the Ephesian church in the first century these words, Redeeming the time, because the days are evil. Throughout the Caribbean we are seeing the time redeemed. Joy and I were privileged to be in Trinidad for a couple of weeks. The Lord gave us a wonderful missions conference at Amazing Grace Baptist Church. The folks there responded in a way that Paul described the Macedonian response as beyond their power. Their new commitment was 250% what they gave the previous year! John and Brenda Gossett, along with Coco Chan, are seeing much fruit in this ministry. We saw souls saved on visitation and in church services. The men of the church shared with me their desire to have a permanent location for the church. While there, we were able to assist them in making a proposal for an adjacent property. We are praying that the Lord will provide for them land where they can erect a modular building that has been given to them. We also accompanied Coco into some schools where she teaches “Religious Instruction Class.” Her weekly schedule is full as she goes to ten schools. With over 600 students in her classes weekly, Coco is seeing much fruit for her labor. Our hearts were thrilled to hear the children respond to the questions covering lessons that Coco taught the previous week. The Spirit of God is etching His Word on the hearts of these young people. Seven came to know Christ as Savior during our two weeks in Trinidad. David and Terri Long took us down to the area that the Lord has directed them to start a church. They are located in the center of a heavily populated Hindu area. Being only a few miles away from the second largest Hindu Hanuman in the world, we are reminded of the great need for the Truth of God’s Word. David shared that the Hindus are very open to Bible studies. They have a desire to know what the Bible teaches. We also met several Muslims. One Muslim woman promised to read the literature that we gave her while on visitation. As Paul said, For a great door and effectual is opened unto me. We rejoiced to see thirty believers attend the Wednesday evening Bible study and prayer time. After the service, they honored us with a wonderful “Roti and curried chicken” meal. 10 Islander – No 1, 2012