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In December at our midyear meeting to approve new missionaries, Kevin Field was accepted by BIMI to go to the island of Trinidad. This is exciting for us because Kevin will be working with David and Terri Long. This is very important because of a law in Trinidad and Tobago that states that a missionary can only stay three years and must leave for one year and then be reapproved to come back into the country. Kevin will be working on deputation to get his needed support by July of 2013, so he can relieve the Longs when they leave for their required year. He will then, of course, continue to work with them permanently to reach the people in this needy area of the Caribbean. On December 15, I woke up about four o’clock Thursday morning with chest and back pains. June called our son Mike and he took me to Washington Hospital Center where I was tested and immediately had an angioplasty where an artery was cleaned and a stent was inserted. They labeled it a major heart attack and I spent the holidays and most of January recovering with many doctors’ visits and additional tests to confirm the damage and find a treatment. I am happy to say that things have gone well and even though I am not able to travel to the islands right away, I will be starting meetings and will be able to travel in the States. I am really excited about the opportunity to be involved with some of our missionaries in the Caribbean in a more personal and useful way. Some of our men have small institutes and are very serious about training men to start new churches, especially in the Dominican Republic. I am going to assist them by taking pastors to teach a one-week modular two or three times a year. This will be a time of teaching the Word of God and a great encouragement to the nationals and the missionaries. I will also be involved in trying to raise funds to support these schools and the men that will start new independent Baptist churches. Of course, we have other missionaries on several different islands throughout the Caribbean who have a burden for church planting and hopefully I will have the opportunity to get more involved with them. Spaghetti Carbonara 4 egg yolks 3 slices of pancetta (chopped) or 5 slices of bacon ¾ cup cream 1 cup parmesan cheese 1 lb. spaghetti 1. Cook spaghetti in salted water until al dente. 2. Beat egg yolks until fluffy. 3. Add salt and pepper to taste. 4. Add cream to egg mixture. 5. Add ½ of the parmesan cheese to mixture. 6. Brown the pancetta (or bacon). 7. Remove from heat. 8. Drain spaghetti (save a portion of the water from the spaghetti). 2 Islander – No 1, 2012 9. Pour egg mixture over the hot spaghetti. 10. Add the cooked pancetta (bacon) and toss. 11. Place on low heat until set; if it seems dry, add spaghetti water. 12. Add more parmesan cheese. 13. Serve immediately.