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Loss. Every one of us will experience it in some way this year. Some of your loss will be painful and you might even ask God, “Why?” Some loss will be frustrating or send you momentary panic. It can be the loss of a loved one or the loss of a dream,perhaps the loss of a friendship or the pain of lost time with a loved one overseas. Some of our loss will be momentary and inconsequential to others. It was like this the other day for me when I lost my Bible. We had visited two different churches that day and between both locations and the travel in between, I had no idea where I could have left my Bible. I searched every place I could think of and even placed some calls. Having exhausted my options, I sat down in my car, glanced to my right and I saw out of the corner of my eye my beloved Bible, caught between the passenger seat and the door. I was elated and so very thankful. Life is full of losses; some can never be recovered. I want to encourage you in one area of loss. All of us would probably admit that at one time or another in our lives we have misused the gift of time. Maybe we spent that time obsessing over something not eternally important or lost time in a relationship by holding onto bitterness, perhaps we have spent too much time involved in something that isolated us from our family and friends. I don’t know how you have lost it. I know that we all have. I want to encourage you to not take each precious moment God gives us for granted. Each breath we take is a gift from Him and each moment we are given to live on this earth, we are meant to bring glory to His name. If there is someone with whom you have been losing precious time because of bitterness and refusal to forgive or if there is something in your life that has been monopolizing the time that you should be spending with those around you, let it go. Follow the example of Christ and forgive completely, with no conditions. Ask yourself if that activity or object that is sucking your time away from you is worth more than your family. Do the choices you make each day tell your family that they are a valued part of your life or that you would rather not be bothered most of the time? The older I get the more I treasure the time that I spend with family. As age and jobs stretch the miles between us, the time that we get to spend together becomes even more precious. Those of you on the field know what I mean. I decided to start the process of writing down family history. I certainly enjoy recalling amusing stories—our journey through life needs to be shared. This spring take time to spend with your family. Treat each moment like the precious gift it is. May every day be bright with the Lord’s promises. Luke 15:8–10 Love and Prayers, June Islander – No 1, 2012 3