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by Nathan and Renee Owens Nathan’s Story: On September 16, 2009, Renee and I began our 26-month long deputation ministry which would be filled with thousands of phone calls, writing and contacting over 600 churches, traveling over 70,000 miles, car problems, and many opportunities to meet people around the country who would become excited about the ministry that God has called us to in Antigua. I was burdened for missions as a small child. My parents are missionaries who served in Niger, West Africa, until I was in the third grade. They now serve in a role at their mission board’s home office in the United States. I can recall that traveling to my parents’ supporting churches as a child was something that I often dreaded. I would feel out of place being dropped off in a Sunday school class not knowing anyone. When the Lord began working in my heart and leading me to use my training in broadcast engineering and electronics at the Caribbean Radio Lighthouse in Antigua, West Indies, I came to the realization that deputation would be in my near future. I was willing to do deputation as a means of getting to the field but was unsure of what to expect. Although there were long challenging days of trying to contact churches to set up meetings, days of driving many hundreds of miles trying to make it to our next meeting, days of wanting to be done with deputation and be on the field using the abilities that God has given us, deputation was an exciting process for both of us. Churches that we traveled to were very welcoming, generous, and excited to learn about our ministry to the Eastern Caribbean. My concerns of what deputation would hold, based on my childhood experiences, were far from the truth. While on deputation we had a couple opportunities to work with summer camps and many chances to speak with young people at churches and schools. We enjoyed the occasions of being able to share with young people how God took our skills and abilities, me as an engineer and my wife as an accountant, to serve God on the mission field. We tried to emphasize that God can use anyone’s training and talents in missions. 4 Islander – No 1, 2012