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One of the most memorable lessons that God taught us on deputation was the importance of prayer support. Early in deputation, we were encouraged to focus on raising prayer support rather than the financial support. After traveling for two years, two months, and four days, we were 63% supported. On November 19 and 20, 2011, within twelve hours we saw God provide the remaining 37% of our support through churches and individuals with whom we had shared our ministry over the last two years. We arrived in Antigua on February 1, 2012, for our first term in Antigua. We are currently settling in our new home and joining the ministry team at the Caribbean Radio Lighthouse. In summary, deputation was an opportunity to minister to many people in many places in a relatively short period of time and a chance to see God provide and show Himself able in ways that some people may never have the chance to see. ________________________________________________________ Renee’s Story: After being a bride for just three months, I started deputation with my husband. The Lord led Nathan and me to the ministry of the Caribbean Radio Lighthouse on Antigua while we were in college in