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2006. Nathan was studying engineering, and I was studying accounting. We believed it was the Lord’s will for us to serve Him together at the Caribbean Radio Lighthouse. We finished college in 2007, and Nathan completed two years of graduate work in 2009. He graduated in May. We married in June. We had our first deputation meeting in September. As a new bride, there were desires to set up a home, to be more involved in ministries at my home church, and to be with my husband. On deputation you quickly learn that your vehicle becomes your home, you can’t consistently be involved in ministries at your home church, and you have to share your husband with many others. Instead of settling down as a new family, we were always preparing to leave. I’m also an accountant, so I tend to view things in a business-like manner. My initial thoughts of deputation were like a salesman: present the ministry, ask for support, and get out. I had no idea that many churches would treat us like family. Although we frequently missed services and activities at our home church, we felt as if we were associate members of many church families. Even though we couldn’t be active in ministries at our own church, we found we had a new ministry to share with others, especially youth, our testimonies and how God wants to use both the talents and abilities that He has given us. We got to see the Lord work in our own lives. When we were home, my husband’s job was contacting churches to schedule meetings. There were many frustrating days of leaving messages without response. It seemed each time we thought that we had done all we could do, the Lord had one of our supporting churches contact us with encouragement or had a church contact us that we had never contacted. We were frequently reminded that we could not do deputation in our own strength. The Lord knew which churches we needed to be with. Traveling had its ups and downs. We were based in Southern Georgia, and we drove as far as San Diego, California, Nebraska, Minnesota, Michigan, and New Hampshire. We were excited to see parts of the country that neither of us had seen before. I remember how excited we were driving through the state of Texas to go to meetings in Arizona and California. It took a 12-hour day just to drive from Houston to El Paso. The entire trip, one way, was three straight days of driving. It was exciting! And then we realized we had to drive those three days back home! Someone told us at the beginning of deputation that if we wanted deputation to be frustrating, focus on raising our financial support, but if we wanted it to be encouraging, focus on raising our prayer support. We asked God to help us focus on raising our prayer support and let Him take care of our financial support. In November 2011 we received phone calls that brought in the rest of our 37% financial support. Only God could arrange that. We moved to Antigua February 2012 for our first term at the radio station. Looking back, we are thankful for that deputation period. We were able to learn to depend on the Lord, to grow closer together, and to find many individuals and churches that are interceding to God on our behalf. 6 Islander – No 1, 2012