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Special Blessing: While we were having the furnace and generator fixed on our RV, we were put up in a hotel. One evening before church, we were waiting in the lobby for a family to meet us for dinner. We met a lady who was staying there who had just had her home broken into. We invited her to church, but she declined. She said, “But when you get back, would you please come to my room and pray with me.” When my wife and I got back that night from church, we went to the room and were able to sit down with two ladies. We went through the plan of salvation, and both ladies trusted Jesus Christ as their Savior! None of that would have happened if we didn’t have our problems with the RV. Never forget that we serve a sovereign God! He is actively working in the lives of people all around us, even our own. Chad and Cynthia Pape – On Deputation F As I mentioned in my last letter, this Saturday we will be ordaining Pastor Felo, (the pastor of the new church we started last month in Loma de Cabrera), Brother Leonardo, my Assistant Pastor, and Brother Fernando, my Youth Pastor. They are studying hard for their question and answer time from the ordination council. Steve and Noemi Sidler – Dominican Republic F The first week of January we had a group of 24 from Bethel Baptist College of Jacksonville, Arkansas. This included the pastor and his wife, Dr. and Mrs. Mike Files, the college vice president, Jason Watford, a couple to help and serve, and the rest were students at various stages of their education. They did a fantastic job in helping our church by teaching classes, playing piano, going soulwinning, and having adult visitors in church. During the week Dr. Files and Dr. Watford did the preaching, and it was excellent. At the final service, six of our teenagers surrendered to serve the Lord on the mission field. Wow! It was awesome! Praise the Lord for His goodness to the children of men! Robert and Rhoda Smith – Barbados F On Christmas Day a young man who had been visiting the church for a few months came forward and accepted the Lord as his Savior. What a tremendous Christmas present that was for the church. Francisco has been coming to Sunday school and visitation and is really involved and growing in the Lord. He will be baptized on March 4. Please pray that his lost family will come for the day of baptism. Steve and Ann Buchanan – Puerto Rico F Thank you so very much for your prayers concerning the youth retreat during Mardi- Gras time here in Haiti! There were over 600 registered youth from northwest Haiti in attendance. From 5:00 a.m. wake up call until lights out at around 10 p.m., the youth were exposed to hymns and spiritual songs that lifted up Jesus. There were morning devotions, gymnastics, learning of songs and Bible studies. In the afternoon were question and answer time, a daily Bible match between the boys and girls, and a study on an issue related to Haitian youth with a discussion allowing for open questions. The day ended with a 2-hour service of singing and I preached a message (Sunday I interpreted for an American pastor). In every service youth were on their knees before the Lord. On Tuesday evening I counted more than 100 who came forward and knelt at the altar, some for repentance unto salvation and others for consecration of their lives unto the Lord. I ask your continued prayers for those youth who attended that they will live out their commitments. Pray for the national pastors as they work with these youth. To Him be the glory and praise! Don and Bridgett Dryden – Haiti Islander – No 1, 2012 9