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broadcasting and training national workers. I helped establish Bluewater Bible College & Institute on the island of St. Thomas, where I served as president for 16 years. Many churches have been planted in the Caribbean by men who were trained at BBC. I was elected Executive Director and Vice President of Baptist International Missions in 1983. As an officer of BIMI, I have been engaged in administrative responsibilities. My duties included preaching in church missions conferences in America and foreign countries, ministering in Bible colleges and seminaries, and participating in BIMI Field Conferences. For 28 years I have been blessed to serve in this capacity under Presidents Don Sisk, James Ray and David Snyder. In June 2011 my resignation was submitted and accepted by the Trustees of BIMI to be effective at the end of the year. After much prayer and consideration, the Trustees chose Dr. J. B. Godfrey as my successor. I am confident that the timing of these changes has been according to God's will. Retirement from BIMI has never been my desire. I want to continue serving our missionaries and their churches in any way that is available to me. The Trustees have graciously permitted this. Jean and I need your prayers as we continue to serve our Lord in the ministry of missions— not retiring but re-tooling. God bless you! World Missions Center 45 Years of Preaching the Gospel New BIMI Vice President has Preached Gospel Around the Globe By J. B. Godfrey I celebrated forty-five years of preaching the Gospel on February 16, 2012. I cannot imagine any other way I would have wanted to spend my years. Serving the Lord is one of the most exciting things in the world! My wife, Linda, and I were at Tennessee Temple University in 1970 when God burdened our hearts for the Muslim people of Africa. It has been our privilege to serve with Baptist International Missions since 1973. We attended language school in France. From there we went to Senegal and worked until 1990. At the request of the Mission, we moved to Zaire and spent some interesting but blessed days there. Through part of that time, we were cut off from the outside world. My wife J. B. & Linda Godfrey 10