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and I saw many saved and worked with people who had been won to the Lord and discipled by Anton and Fred Anderson in the days before the rebellion in the Congo. Linda and I worked with several other missionary families during our years in Africa and all of these families are still dear friends. After being evacuated from Zaire in 1993, we were led by the Lord in another direction. I became pastor of Grace Baptist Church in Landrum, South Carolina, until 2001. During this time I also taught missions at Ambassador Baptist College. Several families were called into missions during our years at Grace Baptist. We have had a unique relationship with this church. It has been our sending church since we started out in missions and is still that today. In 2002 I became Far East Director. When I was asked to serve in the Far East, I told Dr. Sisk that he had been in the sun too long! We are Africans and speak French and two African languages. Going to the Orient did not make sense to us; however, for the last ten years, we have loved serving our missionaries and the churches that send them. We have seen more people saved than in any ministry in which we have ever been involved. We have been able to influence many young people towards missions. I have also enjoyed teaching missions at West Coast Baptist College for the last several years. One of our greatest joys has been being on the field with our missionary families and seeing what God has done in their ministries. We praise the Lord for these faithful, dedicated servants! Last summer when I was asked to serve as Vice President, our hearts were humbled at the thought of being able to serve with men like Dr. David Snyder, Dr. Ray Thompson, the directors, the Home Office staff, and the great number of our missionaries scattered around the world. We pray for them and desire to be their servants in the task of reaching the world with the Gospel. I speak in missions conferences from one end of the United States to the other. For the ten years I was Far East Director, I preached not only in the Far East but also all over the world. We look forward to seeing many of our missionaries on their fields. Please pray for us. We want to be a help to Dr. Snyder and the cause of worldwide evangelism and church planting through BIMI. Number 1, 2012 BIMI WORLD 11